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issue 002

may 6 2022

i002A!JX-ZoeAsleep In Easy Mist
i002D!Destin ChadwickDestin Chadwick
i002E!FhaBlohome video

JX-Zoe - Asleep In Easy Mist

found a tape in Ripall called “Spirit Dreams” with a load of ancient Australian Aboriginal music, it was recorded in the 80s I think, so I ran that tape thru my mixer and played my synths and drum machine over the top of it kinda blending and reacting to hearing the music for the first time, meanwhile it’s all going through the same source; my mixer and the effects there. so it all ends up as a gloopy freewheeling wash

— JX-Zoe


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INSULT's music sounds like the most miserable pub brawl you've ever had to witness captured on the Nintendo Game Boy Camera.

Restless - Restless

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Restless sees two lifelong collaborators try their hands at all-caps hyperpop maximalism.

Destin Chadwick - Destin Chadwick

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Live recording of an improvised jazz fusion set by Destin Chadwick and his group in early 2022. Track is labelled as The Future Is Uncertain And We're All Going To Die.

FhaBlo - home video

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The second release by FhaBlo for important! sees the artist contemplate transience, friendships, nostalgia and information through camcorder lens.

I spent the last few weeks trawling through old family VHS tapes and cassettes, my grandfather was a man who always carried a camera with him whenever the family gathered and there's such a warmth in these moments.

I remember coming home from school and sitting down with him to watch these videos, he would pan the room of some rural clubhouse made dancehall for the night, and he'd name every person the camera glanced. "She's dead… He's dead… She might as well be". In his old age he seemed apathetic to dying, because he'd felt death many times in those he'd loved. Felt it every time he watched his films.

Now I'm reaching an age where the generation above is dying, and a new life appears in the generation below every couple of years. I've found myself growing sentimental, I guess that makes sense. The more time I leave behind me the more that's there to cherish.

This EP is about my friends; documenting them, remembering them, being there for them, and letting them go. Something I learned from my grandfather.

— FhaBlo